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Segarsa S.L. has it's production center located in Sentmenat, 30 minutes away from Barcelona city, in the industrial belt of the capital of Catalunya, which assures the best communications with the great stock exchange centers, to make our product distribution easier and faster.

Segarsa S.L. offers the best quality in it's products, due to it's extense experience in the entertaiment sector. Segarsa submits all it's products to a rigurous manufacturing process that combines the traditional craftmanship with the modern technologies, and with first class materials to offer an envy-able stability, a great robustness and excelent finishing in each and all our products. All this to assure a long lifetime of our machines and tables.

The most commonly known products of Segarsa are the billiards, card tables, chairs, and our star products, the foosball tables.

The best guaranty for Segarsa is the great prestige obtained in the sector thanx to a high quality and benefits, well demostrated by the great spanish companies of the sector.


Within its range of foosball tables, Segarsa presents its three models of foosball tables: the Catalan classic, the Segarsa model and the Sport model. All our foosball tables have identical quality.

Made in vaporized beech wood, with drying and anti-woodbore processing, with a 4x8 mm okume anti-humidity tabletop, varnished with pururietano in cherry-mahogany color, with a convexous fiber game field that garanties the quality of the foosball tables.
The dimensions of the tables are 165 cm long, 91 cm od width and 91 cm high. The field of play is 140 cm long and 84 cm width.

The table can be divided into three different parts to easy the transportation and installation. The top part contains the field of play, the goal frames, the player bars with handlers, markers, etc .. The "drower" contains the coin box opening, the falling ball mechanism, lock and unlock mechanisms. The low reinforced part conforms the base pillar or the foosball table, and holds the main stability section and keeps inside the coin box, with a metallic door to access it. It also contains a set of torque supporting bars that can be configured to balance the table.

The inside of the furniture is perfectly designed por the adecuate developing of the game itself, with excelent finishing touches.

Inside detail

low reinforced detail - Segarsa model

Low part - Catalan model
The main difference between our models is the corners and lower part designs. In the Segarsa model we have a preformed low while in the Catalan model we have pillars instead. The corners are characterized because they are formed with mitres in the Segarsa model and "galochas" in the Catalan classic. Even when there are differences between the two models, the same quality is applicable to both of them as well.

The Sport model keeps enough similarity with our Segarsa model, maintains the same top and the drawer. The difference resides in the Sport model is sustained on a base of four legs, that confer an identical stability and robustness to it. In Segarsa we have solved to the problem of the money drawer, locating the access to it by the interior of the foosball table.

Also Segarsa offers an ample range of accessories and spare parts destined to the maintenance of the game, such as players, bars of players (of 4 and 3 holes), bearings, rubber washers for bearings, varnished fists (grips of bars), foosball wooden balls, inner banister rails with support, lock, metallic door for the money drawer, the money drawer, iron hinges with top, legs varnished in form of fragmentation hand grenade with leveling, short moldings of goal frame and long of game field, channel of currency fall, stainless steel ash trays, markers ..


Segarsa billiards maintain the same level of quality as that in the foosball tables. We manufacture different dimension billiards, standard of custom made for our clients.

We dispose of american pool tables, snooker, european billiards, classic billiards and thos convertible into simple tables.

The salon billiard is specially designed to thos who may like to have a good billiard table at home, whitout disturbing the surrounding area of the house. Therefore, our billiard have as accesory, a top cover, to make it look like a dinner table, which makes this billiard table a worth furniture piece, both for entertaiment and for other purpouses.

The table is made in vaporized beech wood, with drying and anti-woodbore processing, and varnished with pururietano. It's brilliant designs and furniture-like finishing makes it very stable and robust, and makes it possible a great billiar practicing.


Segarsa offers card tables, made in vaporized beech wood. There are various types of tables, ranging from the 4 player ones, with square shape, to the rounded 120 cm diameter ones for up to 6 players.

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